Rapid Tooling-Plastic Injection Molds


Nowadays,rapid tooling and plastic injection molding is playing more and more important role in producing the custom plastic products in the manufacturing industry. As you can see, plastic injection molded products are everywhere in our life.


As a plastic injection mold maker and molding company, we would like to share some knowledge about plastic injection molds with you. 🙂


The continuing development of plastic injection molding technology demands more and more of the processor. The most important problem in the process of plastic injection molding is undoubtedly the correct injection mold design, because the molding shop has little influence, if any, on the construction of the machine.


For ease of construction and to lower manufacturing cost, injection molds are becoming standardized. Some firms offer ready-made bases of square or round design as standard or stripper plate molds for immediate use, such as MUD mold base. Only the inserts then have to be fitted into the bases. Especially for rapid injection mold and low volume manufacturing industry, MUD mold base or shared mold base is frequently used to achieve short lead time and low cost to help clients to launch new products into market. This method can save the mold cost and shorten the manufacturing time.


Basis Mold Construction

Basically, the injection mold consists of two halves. One mold half contains the sprue bushing and runner system, the other half houses the ejector system. The molded part is located at the parting line.


Three-plate Molds

Three-plate molds are rapid injection mold tools processing two parting lines, having been designed as de-gating molds. This means that the spur is separated from the parts in the mold. At the conclusion of the injection the mold opens at the first parting line, which contains the sprue and the runner and separates the pinpoint gate from the part. Only then is the second parting line opened, releasing the part. There are several possibilities for achieving this.


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