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Vacuum Casting Service

Danke offers fast turn-around, cost-effective vacuum casted parts to convert your design/concept from 1 to 100+ offs.

What is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum casting is a casting process that the liquid polyurethane which can be pigmented is poured into a customized silicone mold under vacuum condition. The silicone mold is based on the master model created by CNC machining or SLA. It’s a low-cost but reliable method to test function of the product and to do some demonstration with a short lead-time.

A wide range of casting polymers are commercially available, such as simulant ABS, PP, PA, POM, Acrylic, rubber, and etc.

vacuum casting

Application of Vacuum Casted parts:

1 Prototypes for demonstration or exhibition.

2 Proof-of-concept, including function verification, material verification & finish verification.

3 Over-molding with multi-materials.

4 Insert molding.

5 Prototype or low volume production of rubber parts.

6 Very low volume production for market testing.

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