SLA (Stereolithography)

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SLA (Stereolithography) Service

Danke offers complex SLA parts to convert your design/concept into a real object in a short time from 1 to 10 offs.

What is SLA?

SLA is an additive manufacturing by using UV light to cure the liquid material layer by layer according to the 3D model. It’s the earliest and now one of the most widely used prototype methods in the world.

The material of SLA is Somos14120 which is similar to white ABS, but it is not as strong as real ABS. If you just want to check the structure or the surface finish of your part, SLA is really enough and suitable.

What’s more, the incomparable advantage of SLA is no geometry limitations. No matter how complex your product is, it can always be achieved in one piece by SLA without sectioning which is usually happened in CNC machining process.

Danke also offers cosmetic SLA parts with post painting.

Application of SLA parts:

1 Prototype for demonstration or exhibition.

2 Proof-of-concept, including structure verification, finish verification & assembly test.

3 Master model for vacuum casting.


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