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Danke Mold provides a comprehensive range of manufacturing services, including SLA, Vacuum Casting, CNC Machining, Aluminum tooling & Injection Molding, Steel tooling & Injection Molding, for product development at different stages. Our engineering team, with rich knowledge of manufacturing and project management, has helped lots of designers and engineers get their projects launched market successfully in the past 13 years, across different industries which include Medical, Mechanical, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Aerospace.
No matter it is at early prototype or near mass production stage, we are always ready to help and guide your project to be married to the most suitable technologies, to ensure your parts with good quality, fast delivery and cost efficiency. With a passion to grow and develop together with our clients, we have our principles and visions for every project developmen.

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Here are also our visions:

Provide integrated manufacturing ideas to help projects be manufacturable and economical.

Ensure high quality parts, and fast delivery on every program.

Become your reliable and recommendable partner.