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Insert Injection Molding

As part of the injection molding service at Danke Mold, we provide Insert molding from low volume production to high volume injection molding production requirement. It not only provides an injection molding option to have a part more precisely & tidy, but also being more cost efficiency, as without 2nd operation by post assembly or heat staking. During all the plastic injection molding projects we went through, we have ever worked on many insert-molding projects, and got rich experiences from them. With our professional & rich experience, we will take your insert molding projects successfully into the market.

Capacity of Insert Moldings

Part Size:

No limitation. Generally, within 850*500*300mm (L*W*H)

General Plastic Injection Molding material for Insert Molding:

  • ABS
  • PC/ABS
  • PP
  • PA+GF
  • POM

Material NOT suggested for Insert Molding:

  • PC
  • PMMA
  • GPPS

Our concern would be at the material flow ability. This material with low material flow ability. The molding defect of crack or welding line would easily happen. If insert molding is strongly requested, we would pre-heat the inserts before injection molding production.

Thread Insert moldings:

  • Brass thread inserts
  • Stainless steel thread inserts
  • Customer provided thread inserts preferred

Other Metal Insert Moldings:

  • Custom metal inserts provided by customers;
  • Custom metal inserts manufactured by Danke Mold.
We don’t have sheet metal or stamping manufacturing capacity in house, but only plastic injection molding.
However, we’ve been in the manufacturing industries and have worked with many customers for general product develop for more than 10 years. We have our technical insight and stable supply chain at the sub metal components.
Anyway, transparency and trust will be most important, especially at the beginning of business cooperation. We will truly let our customer know what we can do and what we can not do clearly. And provide true value to our customer at the product development.

DFM Suggestions at Insert Molding

1. Reduce the thread Inserts number (prefer within 10 offs)

Our Consideration:
It’s for the cycle time concerns.
Unless for a mass volume molding production, at most of insert molding, the thread inserts will be placed into the injection molding tooling manually.
If too many thread inserts, the injection molding cycle time will be pretty long. The plastic molding material will stay in the barrel too long. The material will easily get over-heated and then cause high injection molding production scraps.
It’s especially for PC and PMMA material. Thåey are heat sensitive material, and will get over-heated easily.

2. Minimum the Length of the Thread Inserts without effect the function.

Our Consideration:
It is for the cost concern.
The longer the thread insert is, the higher cost the inserts will be.
Mostly, the functional length should be less than 10mm.  Seldom of them will be out of 15mm.
For some big enclosures, the thread inserts maybe requested as 20-40mm long sometimes, for avoiding the thick material & molding surface shrinkage.
Our suggestions would be adjusting the mechanical design, shorten the boss, or shorten the inserts.

3. With Positioning of the Thread Inserts.

Our Consideration:
It is for the stable injection molding production.
The best is to have the both sides of the insert kissing off the tooling.
Or the least there is one side of the insert kissing of the tooling, while the material flow during the injection molding, is to warding this kissing-off surface.
To the manufacturer, the hole size of the inserts should be stable(+/-0.02mm), so that the thread inserts will be holding well on the tooling.

Aluminum Rapid Tooling Samples

Project Description:Plug
Insert Details:Metal Pins
Insert Numbers:5 pcs
Injection Molding Material: PA66 +25%GF
Tooling Type: Production Injection Mold
T1 samples Lead Time:25 days
Batch Production Quantity: 2000pcs/batch

Project Description: Bicycle Lighting Case
Insert Details:  Domestic M3 thread inserts
Insert Numbers: 4 pcs
Injection Molding Material: ASA
Tooling Type: Production Injection Mold
T1 samples Lead Time: 25 days
Batch Production Quantity: 1000 pcs/batch

Project Description: Battery Frame
Insert Details: PEM M4 Inserts
Insert Numbers: 4pcs
Injection Molding Material: PA66+30%GF
Tooling Type:  Production Injection Mold
T1 samples Lead Time: 28 days
Batch Production Quantity: 5000 pcs/batch

Project Description: Detecting Case
Insert Details: Domestic M3 & M2.5 Inserts
Insert Numbers: 8pcs
Injection Molding Material: PC/ABS
Tooling Type: Prototype Injection Mold
T1 samples Lead Time: 22 days
Batch Production Quantity: 500 pcs/batch

Project Description:  Electronic Cap
Insert Details:  Domestic M3 Insert
Insert Numbers: 1 pc
Injection Molding Material: POM
Tooling Type: Production Injection Mold
T1 samples Lead Time: 25 days
Batch Production Quantity: 2500 pcs/batch

Project Description: Controller Enclosure
Insert Details: Domestic M2.5 Inserts
Insert Numbers:  12 pcs
Injection Molding Material: PA66+15%GF
Tooling Type: Prototype Injection Mold
T1 samples Lead Time: 25 days
Batch Production Quantity: 100 pcs/batch

Are you working on a Plastic Injection molding project with insert molding requirement? We will provide a professional injection molding guide, and help launching your project at the market quickly & successfully.