Aluminum Rapid Tooling & Injection

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  • Low Injection Mold Cost

  • 12-18 Days for Injection Molding Parts

Aluminum Rapid Tooling and Injection Molding

With aluminum 7075 as the tooling insert, simplified tooling structure, professional engineering support, frankly & swift communication, we helped a number of customers choosing our aluminum rapid tooling service.
It can help our customers to have injection molding making in days, committed quality parts in an aggressive lead time, a pretty low general cost, and real injection molding material for parts production.
Aluminum rapid tooling & it’s injection molding normally will be applied in the following situations:

  • Prototyping parts for product development;
  • Injection molding material trials with different grades or brands;
  • Multi injection molding color trials;
  • Bridge tooling for urgent molding production;
  • Market testing with a strict timeline;

What we can NOT help with by our aluminum rapid tooling?

× Complicated part structure (for example with more than 3 undercuts)
× Strict tolerance (with tolerance less than +/-0.05mm)
× Tens of dimensions for inspection
× High temperature material, for example nylon
× High cosmetic molding surface, for example high glossy, slight textured
× Engineering material for trial, for example PEI, PA12 or any other special grades

Our Capacity of Aluminum Rapid Tooling & its Injection Molding

  • Part Size: 300*200*60mm;
  • Surface Finish: smooth, glossy, as machined;
  • Tolerance: +/-0.10mm per 100mm;
  • Molding Material: General grades; (special material no available, for example PEI, PPSU, PA12)
  • Molding Color: a RAL or Pantone code

For the tooling material, aluminum 7075 is good for CNC machining and EDM sparking. It’s also good for tooling polishing, tooling assembly & mold trial.  It can provide a swift turn-around for injection mold fabrication. However, its strength is not as good as a steel tooling insert. And also, aluminum is not suitable for welding if in case for a tooling modification.

Following would be a general profile of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Low Injection Molding Tooling cost;
  • Fast Injection Molding tooling development;
  • Generally low for the injection molding parts;
  • Real injection molding material for prototyping usage;
  • Launch on the market faster;
  • Tooling Engineering change could be possible;


  • Weak tooling strength, which easy cause flashes;
  • Not suggested for tooling modification;
  • Tooling life is short;
  • Injection molding part cost relatively high;
  • Not suitable for strict tolerance parts;
  • Not suitable for high cosmetic parts;

When we talk about over-molding, we mostly mentioned it for low-medium volume production. While for high volume production, we would adopt 2-shot injection molding in usual. The injection molding process we choose will be also affected by the tooling cost, injection molding cost, tooling fabrication lead time and etc. Following would be:

Comparison Between General Prototyping Injection Molding & Aluminum Rapid Tooling

                           Aluminum Rapid Tooling                General Prototyping Injection Molding
  Tooling Cost                    Low                    Low-medium
  Tooling Owner Ship                    At Danke Mold (unless requested before quote)                    Our customers
  Tooling Development LT                    10-18 days                    Up to part structure (generally in 18-25 days)
  Tooling Life                    1,000-5,000                    5,000-50,000
  Tooling side actions                    Not suggested                    Available
  Tooling Hot Runner                    Not available                    Not suggested
  Maximum Part Size                   300*250*60mm                    1100*550*300mm
  Surface Finish                    None high cosmetic                    Glossy, High-glossy, Textured, Clear, As machined
  Injection Molding cost                   High                    Medium-high
  Injection Molding Material                   General grades                    Specific grade available

Important Notification

As for being more cost effective, generally the aluminum rapid tooling will belong to Danke Mold, unless specific request by our customers before quotation. So that no only the Mold Base will be for common use, but also the tooling inserts, or any other components maybe considered for common use if feasible. It would allow us to have more space to optimize the tooling cost and being more competitive. Finally, it will benefit both our customers and our side. We’ve worked about for hundreds of aluminum rapid tooling jobs. We provide true value to our customers at the rapid tooling developing lead time, general injection molding cost. Our rapid tooling manufacturing, well experienced, frank & sincere communication, will benefit our customer to test the market by injection molding tooling & material with limited budget.

Aluminum Rapid Tooling Samples

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