Here are some of the questions that we’re asked at our daily business. We seperated them into 3 setions: one is for the general queries, one is for plastic injection molding and the last one is for CNC machining.



How do I get a quote?

To get a quote for all of our services, simply email us via info@dankemold.com with 3D CAD model and project needs.
Our engineers will get back a detailed quote within 24 hours.
If we find any concerns about the submitted design, detailed information on the potential manufacturing issues and suggested solutions will be provided.

What type of files is available for Danke?

IGES or STEP format is perfect for us.
STL format is available for SLA process, but not available for the rest processes.

Is the lead time working days or calendar days?

Lead times are quoted in calendar days.
But it doesn’t include the public holidays here, for example, Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Day, May Day, and etc.
Our engineers will notify this if there is any holiday when quoting or project management.

How long has Danke been in business?

Danke Mold started business in early 2015.
Even though it’s not long, our core management team has served lots of designers and engineers in the past 8 years, friendly, professionally and successfully.
Our head designer and master are also with a wealth of experience in the tooling and prototyping industry after working in the field for more than 20 years.

How should I choose the manufacturing process?

It normally depends on the part structure, the forecasting needs and the part application.
Our engineer will work with you kindly and professionally to guide you to choose the most suitable manufacturing solution.

What’s the advantage of working with Danke Mold?

Danke Mold has a strong engineering team, with wealth of manufacturing knowledge, and rich production experience, to provide solid technical support from early prototype to volume production.
Danke Mold is also young, well-educated and self-motivated at innovating our production and management process, to provide our clients efficient, friendly and professional service, to ensure delivering our clients quality parts with best speed.

What are your Payment Terms?

We normally would request 100% upfront payment for prototype, prototyping tooling and injection molding production.
While for production tooling, 50% upfront, and 50% upon sample approval.
Terms can be negotiable with each individual client.



What are Danke’ CNC machining capabilities?

We mill and turn low quantities of parts very quickly. Typical quantities are one to 200 pieces and manufacturing times are 1 to 3 business days. We offer product developers parts machined from engineering-grade materials that are suitable for functional testing or end-use applications.

What is unique about the Danke’ process?

Our quoting process is unprecedented in the machining industry. We have developed proprietary quoting software that runs on a large-scale compute cluster and generates the CNC toolpaths required to machine your part. The result is a fast, convenient, and easy way to get quotes and order machined parts.

What is the typical cost of a machined part at Danke?

Prices start around $95, but the best way to find out is to submit a 3D CAD model and get a ProtoQuote interactive quote. Because we use proprietary software and automated fixturing processes, there are no up front non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs. This makes purchasing quantities as low as 1 to 200 parts cost effective. Prices compared to 3D printing are comparable to somewhat higher, but machining offers improved material properties and surfaces.

How does the quoting process work?

Once you upload your 3D CAD model to our website, the software calculates the price to produce your design in various materials and then generates an “as-milled view” of your part. An interactive quote is provided that allows you to evaluate the choice of different materials and different quantities, as well as a 3D view of how your machined part will compare to your original model with any differences highlighted.

Why should I have my part machined rather than 3D printed?

Machined parts have the true properties of the material you select. Our process allows you to get parts machined from blocks of solid plastic and metal in the same time frame, if not faster, than 3D-printed parts.



What are Danke’ injection molding capabilities?

We offer plastic and liquid silicone rubber molding as well as overmolding and insert molding in low-volume quantities of 25 to 10,000+ pieces. Typical manufacturing times are 1 to 15 business days. Rapid injection molding helps product developers get prototypes and production parts that are suitable for functional testing or final use within days.

What is unique about the Danke’ process?

We have automated the process of quoting, designing, and manufacturing molds based on customer-supplied 3D CAD part models. Due to this automation, and running software on ultra-fast compute clusters, we typically cut the manufacturing time for the initial parts to one-third that of conventional methods.

What is the typical cost of injection-molded parts with Danke Mold?

Prices start around $995, depending on part geometry and complexity. The best way to estimate cost is to upload your model to our website to receive an interactive quote within hours. Danke Mold is able to create your mold at a fraction of the price of traditional injection molding because of our proprietary analysis software, automated processes, and use of aluminum molds.

How does the quoting process work?

Getting an interactive quote will show materials and finishes available, highlight any potential issues with manufacturing your part, and show quick-turn and delivery options available (dependent on your geometry). You’ll see price implications of your material and quantity selections in real time—no need to re-quote.

What resins can (or should) I use?

Designers should consider application-specific material properties like tensile strength, impact resistance or ductility, mechanical characteristics, molding properties, and cost of the resin when selecting a resin. If you need help selecting material, please feel free to call us.

Why should I buy a molded part rather than a 3D-printed part?

Molded parts from Protolabs will have the true properties of the material you select. With the true material properties and improved surface finishes, injection-molded parts are suitable for functional testing and end-use production.