Danke Mold shares some videos at our daily manufacturing, for example rapid tooling, mold making, injection mold trial, injection molding production, prototype making, and also some of our interesting daily.

Bridge Tooling for Automotive Development

Automotive industry is changing fast in recent years. Automobile companies need to find ways to shorten development time and avoid producing an outdated car.  How bridge tooling and custom injection molding supports and speeds up the vehicle development? Hope this video gives some tips to you.

Danke Mold 2023

The busy, extraordinary & happy 2023 has passed, we want to thank all of our customers & partners’ support, as well as all the colleagues’ hard work in the last year. 👨‍🏭 Wish a big step forward in the 2024! ✊

Weld lines on the injection molded part

Weld line is one of the plastic injection molding defects. It occurs when melting plastic material is injected into a mold, it flows through all parts of the mold. When the part includes a hole or similar features, the flow of plastic can be divided into two separate “flow fronts.” The material is flowing in two different streams, which flow around the feature and then come together.
As the two flow fronts meet, the molten plastic from the separate fronts joins or “welds” together and often forms a slight line on the part, similar to a parting line mark.


Improvement of assembly for an injection molded part

This assembly is to stick this lens on the main part and make sure it is not leaked, because the product will work outdoor. At first, we glued the lens and pressed it on the part, and held it with a clamp, and wait for the glue get dry. It took too much time, especially for volume injection molding. So we discussed with the customer and decided to improve the part design, so as to make the assembly much easier and faster. Hope it gives you some idea when you design any parts that similar to this one.

Taking Advantage of Rapid Tooling

Injection molding is a reliable process for large productions of plastic parts. But there are always needs for small runs when customer develop new products or just doing marketing test, in this case, conventional injection molding can be prohibitively costly. As a reliable alternative approach, rapid tooling and custom injection molding is very suitable for prototyping and low volume production.

Electric car charger box

This is an injection molding project for an electric car charger box. We were so excited to work with our customer who offers excellent fast electric vehicle charging system with a compact size and a powerful performance at home. If you are developing car-relevant products, please feel free to contact us, to see what can we do for you.

Sliders for plastic injection molding

There are three methods to produce injection molded parts with external undercuts, recesses or side holes that prevent the part’s direct removal from the mold cavity, they are sliders, lifters and manual inserts. Sliders and lifters are used for higher volumes production, because they are automatic and efficient. Manual inserts are usually used for prototype/low volume molding, it costs less during the tool building, though they add a labor cost to each part when injection molding. In this video, we would like to share how slider works in the injection molding process, hope you enjoy it!

Injection Molding VS CNC Machining VS Urethane Casting

Injection molding can be used for a bridge tooling, trial run and low- to mid-volume production before volume production. CNC machining is suitable for making prototypes and mid/low volume production. Urethane Casting is usually for creating prototypes for product development. Do you know any other differences among these three processes? Please check this video, maybe it could give you some tips.

Danke Mold 2022

Thanks for our customers’ support and all of our staff’s hard work, we made great progess in 2022.
We will keep improving our capacity and professional services to work with you in 2023!
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Chinaplas 2023 in Shenzhen

We attended the 35th International exhibition on plastic and rubber industry in Shenzhen. It mainly shows the innovative technologies and advanced solitions in plastic and rubber forming industry, as well as environmentally-friendly processes,nd covering various high-end application scenarios, including medical, automotive, optics, etc. Interesting tour! We are confident with the future of tooling & plastic injection molding industry!

Injection molding for plastic pallet

Large injection moulding machinery is rated according to the “clamping force” of the tonnage. The tonnage is the force used to clamp the two halves of the mould together. The greater the surface area of ​​the moulded component, the more tonnage required. Usually, “large tonnage” machines are machines with a rated clamping force of 500 tonnes or more.

Robotic arm for injection molding

Robotic arm in the plastic injection molding industry provides numerous application benefits, including: · 1) A consistent quality of the produced parts. 2) Decreased costs of molding, labor, and finished product. 3) Decreased part variations that in return reduces waste and increases yields. 4) More consistent cycle times. 5)Superior productivity and efficiency · 6) Better flexibility.

Surface treatment dankemold

Surface treatment are widely used on injection molding parts and rapid prototypes. As your partner of product development, we can help with many kinds of surface treatment Include but Not Limited to; polishing, painting, silks-screening, pad printing, sand blasting, anodizing,etc。

A production injection Mold

Test and verify the mold, paint antirust oil , wrap it up with plastic film……, a new production injection mold with YUDO hot runner and needle valve nozzle system has been finished, and ready to be shipped to our customer in UK!

Pressure Die casting

Pressure Die Casting is the transfer of melted metals into tool cavities under high pressure, to manufacture aluminum or zinc alloy products at very affordable product prices. It suits for making various components for automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, office equipment, industrial machinery and builders’ hardware. When injection molding is for plastic products.    The benefits of die casting are: 1) Lower Cost Per Part. 2) Excellent dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. 3) Intricate forms and complex shapes can be cast easily. T4) Stable and Repeat Production.

Besides injection molding, we can also do……

Prototyping is very important during product development, it ensures appearance, layout of design, fit and tolerance and will also allow for further detailed study of the design before production tooling is considered.
Therefore, besides injection molding,  we also provide CNC machining, silicone mold vacuum casting, sheet metal and compression molding services to help our customers to develop various of metal & plastic (rubber) products. 🙂
Please check this video and see what we can do besides injection molding.

Plastic Injection Mold & Moldings at Danke Mold

We provide one-stop plastic injection molding services for customers, includes in-house mold making and moldings. Our experienced team deeply understand customer’s need, we will review your drawing files and offer tips and tricks to improve manufacturability of your design.  This service helps you to save some much-needed time and money on your projects. Welcome to contact Danke Mold, let’s talk about your next injection molding project.

How to demold for an injection molded part with side holes

This is another demonstration about creating side holes or undercuts of injection molded parts. The most frequently used approach is side-actions. These produce side-facing features in a closed mold and then automatically withdraw, allowing the cavity-side mold half to withdraw, as the mold opens, and the part to be ejected from the core-side. Also, we can optimize the part design to avoid using sliders, so as to lower the cost. 

Long project (on-line) meeting

This is probably the longest project (on-line) meeting we had, 3 days with 6 hours each day, checked 2D drawing and discussed engineering issues for each component step by step, it’s for an injection molding project. It’s worth to do that because we can understand more about customer’s requirement and avoid many possible problems during the subsequent production.

Our packing and delivery for injetion molding parts

Parts have to be well packed and protected, as most of them to be sent abroad. We must make sure the parts are safe during delivery. This video shows how we pack the injection molding parts and wrap up the cartons. 

Pressure die casting (II)

There are many ways to manufacture metal parts, such as powder metallurgy, extrusions, stamping, forging and 3D printing, etc. but Pressure die casting would be one of the most widely used metal forming processes, due to its reliability, accuracy, repeatability, and reasonable cost. With the trend of break free from plastic, aluminum are more and more widely used in making various of new products because it’s firm, light (compare to steel & copper), recyclable and much less pollution.

Manual thread insert for rapid tooling

For low volume injection molding, manual insert is usually used in rapid tooling, it simplifies mold structure and save much cost.

Danke Mold Manufacturing

Danke Mold provides one-stop rapid prototyping/rapid tooling/injection molding services, and strong engineering support can help you to accomplish your product development and volume production. We will work with you to understand the requirement of your project, then develop a precise plastic injection mold design according to your specifications. Our versatile engineers handle all complexities involved in the mold production process.

Scrap the old tools

Rapid tooling is usually applied in low volume injection molding or product development, these tools had been made for several years, they accomplished their mission splendidly. Now we have to scrap them and clear up our stock. After all, we need more spaces for your new molds. 😊 

Project management in Danke Mold

Project management is really important to the tooling & injection molding jobs. Besides price and product quality, We deeply know that communication/process monitoring/project review/prevention analysis are also what customers’ concern. So if you have any projects that need to cooperate with Chinese manufacturer, but worry about the things above, please feel free to contact us!

Plastic Injection Molding – Mold with manual inserts

The video shows the injection molding production of a light cases of areospaces. The mold is designed with multi manual inserts for the clips. It saves the tooling cost. While for the molding production, as it takes longer molding cycle time, it will be higher. Sometimes we develp a product start with hundreads, or thoundsands for funtional testing, market testing, or low volume production, then we would consider a simpler tooling structure. Manual insert is a choice at these cases.

Injection Mold Trial

Rapid tooling is often used as a prototype mold before high volume production mold make. In the video, it’s a automotive seat component, which would need thorough quality and safty testing. It’s a section from the mold open to part ejection. It may help our customers to have a clear idea of how the part maked from a injection mold.

Injection Molding – Low Volume Production

Low volume Injection Molding production is widely used for product development. The video presents the production of a plastic injection molded Reel, which is a component of a small printer. The production volume is pretty low as about 500 parts. Danke Mold is good at the low volume production, by combining rapid tooling and swift injection molding arrangement to meet custom needs.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is a essential process at injection mold making. The CNC machine is milling a cavity of a rapid tooling. We can see how the cutter moving as well as cutting the steel per a programm prepared before. Cutting liquid is also important to clean flashes during, and also cooling cuter and cavity. The video may help a better understanding at CNC machining of injection mold making.

Rapid Tooling Ejection Animation

It’s a plastic injection Rapid Tooling. The part is a clear PC window. The animation shows the injection mold open. Then the injectioned molded part is ejcted to de-mold.

Plastic Injection Molding – Low volume production

At product development, production normally start from low volume to high volume, to reduce risks and costs. Danke Mold provides low volume plastic injection molding production. We ususally use manual inserts instead of lifters or sliders for the undercuts. It will save the tooling cost, while the unit prices a bit higher. But in general, it will be more cost efficency for low volume production.