Danke Mold shares some videos at our daily manufacturing, for example rapid tooling, mold making, injection mold trial, injection molding production, prototype making, and also some of our interesting daily.

CNC Machining

CNC machiningis a essential process at injection mold making. The CNC machine is milling a cavity of a rapid tooling. We can see how the cutter moving as well as cutting the steel per a programm prepared before. Cutting liquid is also important to clean flashes during, and also cooling cuter and cavity. The video may help a better understanding at CNC machining of injection mold making.

Injection Mold Trial

Rapid tooling is often used as a prototype mold before high volume production mold make. In the video, it’s a automotive seat component, which would need thorough quality and safty testing. It’s a section from the mold open to part ejection. It may help our customers to have a clear idea of how the part maked from a injection mold.

Injection Molding – Low Volume Production

Low volume Injection Molding production is widely used for product development. The video presents the production of a plastic injection molded Reel, which is a component of a small printer. The production volume is pretty low as about 500 parts. Danke Mold is good at the low volume production, by combining rapid tooling and swift injection molding arrangement to meet custom needs.

Plastic Injection Molding – Low volume production

At product development, production normally start from low volume to high volume, to reduce risks and costs. Danke Mold provides low volume plastic injection molding production. We ususally use manual inserts instead of lifters or sliders for the undercuts. It will save the tooling cost, while the unit prices a bit higher. But in general, it will be more cost efficency for low volume production.

Plastic Injection Molding – Mold with manual inserts

The video shows the injection molding production of a light cases of areospaces. The mold is designed with multi manual inserts for the clips. It saves the tooling cost. While for the molding production, as it takes longer molding cycle time, it will be higher. Sometimes we develp a product start with hundreads, or thoundsands for funtional testing, market testing, or low volume production, then we would consider a simpler tooling structure. Manual insert is a choice at these cases.

Rapid Tooling Ejection Animation

It’s a plastic injection Rapid Tooling. The part is a clear PC window. The animation shows the injection mold open. Then the injectioned molded part is ejcted to de-mold.