Plastic Injection molding is a very traditional industry, it needs high investment for equipment like CNC machine, milling machine, injection molding machine and overhead crane, etc. and need to hire many skilled masters and workers.

In the past, about from 1990s to 2010s, a tooling & molding factory can make great profit without putting too much work into the company management, especially in China, because this market had not been developed completed yet, business chances were everywhere, they didn’t have to find customers. With the advent of more and more people entered this industry, competition was much fiercer than before, some extensive-managed companies seem could not keep up with the development of the times, Mainly reflects in:

  • They didn’t take quality control seriously;
  • They were not aware to research customer’s requirement;
  • They didn’t know what they are good at or their own core-competitiveness;
  • They didn’t pay enough attention to communication with customers;
  • They didn’t pay attention to office and workshop environment/management;
  • They didn’t upgrade the information of the injection molding market.

Therefore, it’s pity that many good molding companies couldn’t meet excellent customers just because they didn’t pay attention to some details above, but only focus on technology or process; On the other hand, many purchasers are difficult to find the proper plastic molding supplier, because those good suppliers didn’t show their real strength on the internet.

With our more than 10 years of experience in managing plastic injection molding projects with customers all over the world, we think an excellent plastic molder should do the following things:

  • Train all the employees with quality control requirement. Yes, not only the production department and QC dept., but also the project managers, purchaser, logistics dept., etc. The whole company should full of the atmosphere of product quality control.


  • Throughly understand or even predict customer’s demand, and try to fulfill their requirement as much as possible, even some of the requests are not your company’s work. One stop service would make many customers feel convenient.


  • Find out your own core-competitiveness. For example, you have much experience in injection molding parts or components for small home appliances, then you can emphasize that your company specialize in helping customers to develop or even selling small home appliances.


  • Keep communication with customers, especially for those customers that very far away. Many clients would like to know how their projects going on, but not all of them can go to the workshop and check the status themselves. So keep letting customer know how their project goes would give them good impression.


  • Office and workshop environment & decoration is very important, though most of time customers just care their product quality, a dirty and mess working environment will transmit an information that you are not a serious business man.


  • Keep eyes on the news about plastics injection molding industry. Knowing any new technologies or advanced machines may raising your capacity. Knowing what’s the popular plastic product at present, may bring you some ideas to find out a good customer.


This is what we would like to share with you about How to be an excellent plastic molder. Please click: to know more about our company.