There are lots of injection mold manufacturers have Mold flow analyst, yet in order to save cost, they are usually not willing to do mold flow analysis unless the customer request. Actually, many big customers take mold flow analysis seriously for their products, but most mold factories not. It is not enough if only choose the gate position and run the flow balance testing. Therefore, to be a professional mold maker and injection molding factory, we should understand the mold flow analysis report and take full advantage of it.

Mold flow is actually using data simulation software to do the simulation of injection molding process by computer. The result/data comes out and be estimated for practicability of molding, so as to improve the mold design and product design.  There are several relevant software to do this job, like Moldflow, Model x3D, etc.

With the aid of a flow analysis, you can improve the filling pattern by changing the:

  • Product data analysis

The product data we will analysis include: geometry, thickness, data quality, and so on.

  • Gate location.

Choose the best feeding solution, size of runner, size of gate as per customer’s product requirement, and make material achieve the best filling situation.

  • Cool system

Giving advice of optimal cooling system of mold, guarantee the product quality and reduce the molding cycling time.

  • Fill time.

According to the part structure and material, helping us to design the best filling time requirement for product, included holding pressure switch time, etc,

  • Flow Front Temp.

Analysis the product and mold temperature as per the material running way.

  • Pressure at V/P switchover

Provide the optimal forming parameter.

  • Clamp Force

Provide the optimal forming parameter and data for you to choose the injection molding machine and adjustment.

  • Cycle time

Providing reasonable prediction of cycle time by analysis, to give a reliable data for mold-trial, machine adjustment, injection molding production and capacity.

  • Sink Mark.
  • Air Traps
  • Weld lines 

Through the analysis, predict the flaw position of part, prevent the risk in advance.

  •   Volumetric Shrinkage
  • Deflection (total ,X,Y,Z direction)
  • Injection velocity profile
  • Mold and melt temperatures

The advantage of using a flow analysis is you can optimize the design of the part and tool before the tool is done so the part quality will be higher, take less time to get the tool into production,and be less expensive to produce.