Rapid Prototype; Quick-turn manufacturing; CNC machining; Vacuum Casting; Injection Molding; 3D printing; On-demand production.

Rapid Prototyping

Danke Mold provide rapid prototype, by rapid tooling & plastic injection molding,

CNC machining, Vacuum Casting, 3D printing and etc.

Rapid Prototyping Services comparisons

Prototyping Injection MoldingCNC MachiningVacuum Casting3D printing
Suitable quantity10 - 1000 offs1-500 offs5-100 offs1-10 offs
If need tooling Investment ? YesNoYesNo
Materials PropertySame as volume production Closed to volume productionSimilar to volume productionquite different with production
Most typical finishes: Smooth, glossy, texturedRaw, Polished,  Blasted,  Painted,Polished, Blasted, PaintedRaw; Polished Smooth
Advantages:Real Material; Cost efficency; High accuracy; High speedVery cost efficency at small volume; Very good at very beging of prototype
Disadvantages:Invest tooling cost; General cost higherWith cutting limitation;Parts need much post manual jobs.Basically no funtional testing;
Application:on-demand production; Small volume prototype; Small volume prototype;Concept proof and exhibition; 3D model verification;
General Cost:$$$-$$$$$$$-$$$$$$-$$$$$-$$
Unit Prices:$$$$$$$
Typical Lead time: 8-18 days6-14 days6-14 days3-7days

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