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Danke Mold is a professional and high-quality plastic injection molding manufacturer, and quick-turn manufacturing company in southern China. We provide plastic injection molding, rapid tooling, rapid prototyping from concept prototype to volume production.


Our professional project managers, with strong engineering backgrounds and rich project management experiences, served western customers for 10 years. We deeply understand customers’ needs, provide professional DFM analysis and customer-oriented manufacturing solutions, for the best approach of custom parts manufacturing. Our instant response and professional manufacturing guide help our customers saving time and cost in product development.


Danke Mold has a strict quality control at plastic injection molding parts and rapid prototypes.We use all certified materials for plastic injection molding, conduct sample checking and final checking in the manufacturing process, for guaranteed high-quality injection molding parts. All prototyping parts will be inspected and packed very well before shipment. In Danke Mold, quality is our first priority to work with customers.

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  • Mold Maker
  • Injection Molding Workshop
  • Injection Molding Shop
  • Mold Master
  • Project Managers
  • QC room_Mold maker
  • Tooling shop_CNC Machines

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Did you have a rough concept of part design? Or a product at prototype development? Or maybe looking for a reliable injection mold maker in China? Try to Contact Danke Mold.  
Our engineering team will bring most suitable manufacturing processes to meet different quantity, timeline and budget.


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