CNC Milling


❉ Offer both 3 and 5-axis machining capabilities


❉ Geometrically complex parts available


❉ Parts are typically produced as accurate as ±0.02mm

CNC Turning


❉ Can accurately make complex internal features like spherical cavities, deep grooves, blind internal threads without undercut etc.


❉ Better dimensional control and surface finish


❉ Very less machining time per component( valid for only large batch size)

Why CNC machining  at Danke Mold

Material Name
ColorApplication or properties

AL 6061Silver
Good machinability, most common alloys of aluminium for general-purpose use.
AL 6082Silver
good weldability, apply to automotive parts,  aircraft structures,  ship parts
AL 7075Silver
Excellent fatigue strength and average machinability.
SS 303SilverFree machining, Apply to turning parts, nuts, bolt, etc.
SS 304Silver
Apply to tableware, medical instrument,vautomotive parts
SS 316SilverApply to  food grade appliances and surgical stainless steel uses
SS 440Silver
High corrosion resistance,rigid, Apply to knife,scalpel, scissors, valve.
SS 17-4PH 
High corrosion & abrasion resistance, Apply to shaft of Marine equipment, aircraft
1045 steelSilver
Good comprehensive performance. Apply to shaft, gear, bushing, etc.
Apply to musical instruments,  water valves,automotive, electrical device
Apply to nuts, tap,valve,musical instruments, doorknobs,etc.
Apply to electronics device,accessory, thermostat, pipe, container
Aluminium + BrassYellow
Apply to high-strength, abrasion resistance,  chemical resistance parts
Material NameColorApplication or properties
ABSlight yellow / White / BlackGood machinability, impact resistance and toughness
POM (Acetal)Black / WhiteHigh stiffness,low friction, excellent dimensional stability
PC(polycarbonate)Transparent / BlackHigh impact-resistance, good toughness, high temp resistance
PMMA  (Acrylic)TransparentExcellent Transparency, good weather Resistance
PPWhite / BlackFlexible, excellent resistance to fatigue, good  chemical stability
PA6BlackExcellent abrasion resistance, good mechanical strength
PA6 + 30% GFBlackExcellent impact-resistance, high strength, high temp resistance
HDPEWhiteApply to Arena Board, Bottle caps, Folding chairs and tables,etc
PEEKMuddy yellowHigh temp resistance, Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
PTFE/TeflonWhiteSuperior chemical and thermal properties, high strength, toughness and self-lubrication
Good chemically resistant, good insulation
PEI / Ultem 1000AmberExcellent heat resistance, solvent resistance and flame resistance. 
ABS-Flame RetardantBlackInflaming retarding, good comprehensive performance