Aluminum Tooling

& Plastic Injection Molding

From 50 to 10,000+ parts

Aluminum Tooling & Plastic Injection Molding Services

Danke offers fast delivery, competitive low cost, but consistently quality aluminum tooling & plastic injection molding service to help make your concept come true for 50 to 10,000+offs.

What is Aluminum Tooling & Plastic Injection Molding?

Aluminum tooling is to use Al 7075 as an interchangeable soft tooling inserts, which helps save the tooling cost and the tool building lead time. In the meantime, the tool structure will be simplified and shared mold base will be used if possible to lower the tooling cost. Therefore, manual inserts or post machining will be used. On the other hand, molding cycle time is longer and the part price is higher than conventional molding. But for low volume manufacturing, the total investment cost is much lower than conventional tool. Aluminum tooling & plastic injection molding is a more ideal method for low-volume manufacturing. It’s the bridge between prototype and mass production. But it’s limited in aggressive plastics.

A variety of common plastics and engineering plastics are available at Danke. Please read more in our resources.

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Application of Aluminum Tooling & Plastic Injection Molded parts:

1 Molding material and tool design verification before building up mass tooling.

2 Proof-of-concept, including function verification, material verification & finish verification.

3 Over-molding with multi-materials.

4 Insert molding.

5 Low volume manufacturing of rubber parts.

6 Very low cost volume manufacturing for market testing.

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