Who to pay the freight of cnc rapid prototyping sample?
For cnc rapid prototyping and other products, samples are free except you will bear the express cost. An express account such as DHL or FEDEX is needed. We are keen for your understanding that we have a lot of samples to send every day. If all the freight are borne by us, the cost will be very high. In order to express our sincerity, as long as the sample is confirmed successfully, the freight of the sample will be offset when the order is placed, which is equivalent to free delivery and free shipping.

Danke Mold Limited has won wide acclaim in providing high quality plastic injection molding products. test produced by Danke Mold is very popular in the market. Danke cnc rapid prototyping is developed by our dedicated R&D team on the basis of market research such as specific business needs of the business owners. It can withstand large shock and impact. The product is capable of meeting the most demanding production needs for many factories and helping save energy costs. The product will be not subject to UV degradation.

Our company has adopted socially responsible business practices. In this way, we successfully improve employee morale, strengthen relationships with customers and deepen the ties to the many communities in which we operate.
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