What's Danke Mold working time?
In China, ordinary working time is 40 hours for employees who work full time. In Danke Mold Limited, most employees work abiding by this kind of rule. During their duty time, each of them devotes their full concentration to their work so as to provide customers with the highest-quality plastic injection and an unforgettable experience of partnering with us. For some of the employees, they may need to work overtime under some special occasions. For example, our after-sales staff are always busy with answering customers' questions or guiding them to use the products properly.

Danke Mold is a pioneer in the field of test in China. test produced by Danke Mold is very popular in the market. The design process of Danke Rapid prototyping, including CAD patterning, sewing prototypes, and design layout, is strictly conducted by our professional designers. The product has extreme resistance to abrasion. With the help of this product, time, money, and labor are significantly saved and reduced. This product can greatly reduce the production cost of the manufacturer. Its high performance helps achieve high production output rate.

The enthusiasm and mission of our company are to provide customers with safety, quality, and assurance – today and in the future.
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