What about the lead time of injection molding from placing a order to delivery?
Injection molding's orders will be processed in order. Once you place an order, we need to ensure the quality of the product, but also need to connect with the freight forwarders to ensure the safe transport of these products. Please be assured that we have a comprehensive delivery system and will provide you with the product as soon as possible.
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Engaged in the production of plastic injection molding products for years, Danke Mold Limited is professional and reliable. Danke Mold focuses on providing a variety of test for customers. The product generates very little heat. Because its housing is able to help cool down the high temperature. Its accuracy is strictly controlled to achieve zero error. Process quality control, reliability testing, and shipping inspection systems, strong quality management systems are used as guarantees for production in Danke Mold. The product is easy to use and maintain.

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