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  • Danke Mold Start ISO 9001:2015 Application on May 10, 2019

    Danke Mold is a high-quality plastic injection molding manufacturer and rapid prototyping maker in China. We keep provides reliable plastic injection molding service, for rapid prototypes, small-scale production, and on-demand production.At the very beginning of the company start-up in 2015, Danke Mold keeps ‘Quality First’ as our first rule to serve our customers. Before that, with many years of serving customers, we fully understand quality is the foundation for company develop

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  • Public Holiday Break for Dragon Boat Festival

    Danke Mold is a plastic injection molding manufacturer and rapid prototyping maker in South China. We will have a break for the national public holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival from June 7th-9th.Dragon Boat Festival is for the memory of our ancestor Qu Yuan, who died for his country the Chu by jumping into a river. As he was a very famous and kind person, there were many activities to memorize him. 2 famous hobbies left today are:● Eat Zhongzi.● Dragon Boat Racing.Zhongzi. It is a traditio

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  • Hello Tabby Tan, welcome to Danke Mold! January 8, 2019

    Danke Mold is so excellent that more and more job hunters choose to join us. This week we have a new colleague, a college student about to graduate named Tabby.She told us why she chose Danke Mold at that time: “I am a student of Zhuhai College of Jilin University, and I major in International Economics and Trades. When I first met Danke Mold, I was deeply attracted by the professionalism and challenge of Danke Mold.” Yes, Danke Mold is a professional and high-quality plastic i

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