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  • Pack & ship out!


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  • Production & Inspection


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  • DFM & Quote


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  • What formats would be preferred?


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  • Two main processes for Rapid Tooling-CNC machining & EDM


    Following our last article, this paper presents the right process selection for low volume production for product development. When rapid prototyping is only suitable for small scale production (usually 1-20 pieces), but not often used for larger production and long-term operations, we have rapid tooling and rapid injection molding for you to move forward the product development into low volume and fast production before the former large production.Along with the tighter and ti

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  • Tips on Rapid Prototyping | Surface finish


    Rapid Prototyping is the process of manufacturing a trial version of a product or its components in a short time, so as to clarify the requirements of the product or to verify a product designers idea. Prototyping can give both the designer and the user an opportunity to prove that it is what the user needs. Alternatively, engineers can use prototypes to improve their understanding of the technical and the feasibility of production. Therefore, prototyping is a critical procedur

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  • How to find a Quick-Turn Injection Molding manufacturer?


    At the early stage of product development, many designers or engineer would like to develop their product rapidly, and in cost efficiency. Rapid tooling and quick turn-injection molding is very popular, for small volume of prototypes, or small volume injection molding production.Anyway, as there are many manufacturers in China and all over the world, you may easily find following vendors:1) A conventional injection molding tool maker;2) A prototype manufacturer;3) A broker;4) Then a good and rel

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  • Product Development Process View of an Injection Molding Manufacturer


    Danke Mold helps plastic injection molding and prototype making. We helped many customers from concept prototype to volume injection molding production. A clear product development process can help our customers have a better idea of the product developing management, cost estimation, and manufacturing expectation.Danke Mold is just a plastic injection molding manufacturer and prototyping maker. Were not providing the full process. Below is per our experience of working with cu

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  • Tips For Feed System Design of Injection Mold


    Injection mold design is an important part of plastic product development. As a mold maker and injection molding factory, in order to improve the quality of parts, enhance tools performance and save manufacturing cost, we always keep thinking how to optimize the design and fabricating level of the molds.During design process, it is necessary to make a choice for the gate position and quantity, so as to control the material filling process. CAE analysis is able to provide several advices for desi

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  • Key process of injection mold making-Surface polishing


    Injection Mold polishing is primarily a manual process requiring a high level of skill and knowledge. Mold polishing is perhaps the only operation that is not able to be automated, when all the CNC machining, EDM machining, surface grinding, and wire cutting are completed, the mold polisher is the one who puts the final appearance on the molding surface.Before the polishing process, we have to know that there are some factors that affect the polishability.1) Tool steel quality. Differe

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  • Plastic Soft Mold for Small Scale Manufacturing


    Soft mold, also called prototype molds, are the plastic injection molding tools that used for small scale manufacturing or low volume production.Its one of the rapid prototyping manufacturing processes. Soft mold together with prototyping injection molding, allow product designers and mechanical engineers can get small scale parts in 10-15 days with an efficient cost.Danke Mold is a reliable and quality-base plastic injection molding manufacturer. We provide plastic injection molding from a sm

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  • Necessity and procedure analysis of mold trial


    Most of flaw of forming parts were happened during softening and injection molding period, yet sometimes it also relates to faulty tool design, the possible factors include: cavities quantity, cold/hot runner system, type, location size of gate, as well as part structure, etc. Therefore, in order to avoid the part flaw from mold design, design and process parameter analysis is needed when we are going to make the mold.Improper mold design usually caused one kind or another flaw to final part, t

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