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Danke Mold took part in Asiamold 2019

Annual Asiamold exhibition mold started from March 9-12 at Pazhou Exhibition center. Danke Mold, a plastic injection molding manufacturer around Guangzhou, took part in the exhibition on March 9, to learn the trends and the new technologies of tooling and injection molding industry.


We arranged 12 people left from Zhongshan at eight o’clock, including one of our tooling designers, tooling master head, injection molding master head, project managers, project engineer, and CNC programmers. Some of the guys have taken part in the Asiamold for more than 10 years, including Jade and Joe. They took part in the events from 2008 even at school already.


There are 3 topics of the exhibition: Mold and Die; 3D printing, and Automation. Plastic injection molding manufacturer, and their associated suppliers, for example, the Hot runner suppliers, metal suppliers, and also accessories supplier. 3D printing manufacturers can also be seen everywhere. But as the production efficiency and materials limitation, we thought that it will be a long way for the technology to develop. Anyway, as custom requirement keep going up, 3D printing has a very large market requirement. Automation is the trends of the industry, including intelligent production management. More and more manufacturer use the robotic arm, easy-to-use managing system for company daily operation. It helps the company to be more efficient and competitive in the market. Danke Mold should really pay much attention to this. We should keep our advantages, which including competitive.


In the exhibition, we found that there is almost no quick-turn injection molding, rapid tooling manufacturer. There is one who claimed themselves can make prototype mold in 10-15 days. But after some further communication, no matter from a professional, manufacturing process, company priority, we can see that they are not professional quick-turn injection molding manufacturer, while a high-volume injection molding manufacturer instead.


Meanwhile, ourselves, Danke Mold has helped many quick-turn injection molding jobs for customers all over the world. We have a mutual process for quick-turn communication and manufacturing, high-quality control, professional design for manufacturing guide and solutions. We should be able to do much more in this specified injection molding field. We have a lot of work to do if we want to be outstanding. It is including, capacity specification, process standardized, communication standardized, quick-turn injection molding database, quotation standardized, injection molding issues database, injection molding quality specified and standardized, injection molding lead time standardized. We should have a series of standards to provide quick-turn injection molding. So that what we communicate, quote, for our customer can be easily understood, proceed in promised quality and lead time. Danke Mold will have a series actions at quick-turn injection molding. We will keep this updated at our social medias and company news.



A fruitful and tired day. Danke Mold will be back again in 2010, as a high-quality injection molding manufacturer and quick-turn injection molding maker. Meanwhile, should you like to learn more about Danke Mold, visit our website: www.dankemold.com .

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