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Customers Visit an Injection Molding Manufacturer

Today Danke Mold have customer visiting from Indonesia.

Our customer is the biggest company for electronic home appliance products in Indonesia. They designer lots for products need plastic injection molding services. Danke Mold is good at quick-turn injection molding. We help our customer accelerate their product development with much less investment at an early stage.

The visiting last from 11:00 am to about 4: pm.

Jade and Joe are responsible for the visit. After a short lunch and some brief self-introduction, we started a meeting. We have some basic introduction to our company history, what we do, what we good at, our injection molding process. We introduced some previous and ongoing projects, and the experience when we working with our customer, how we communicate with our customer and how we solved the issues when proceeding the job. We also introduce our quality control, our history, and our planning in the coming years: Danke Mold is a very professional and high-quality quick turn injection molding manufacturer, and have much more policy and update at upgrading our capacity.


Our customers also have a series of questions for us, including our capacity, for example, employee numbers, what’s biggest injection molding machine we can serve with, what’s the maximum part size we can help, what’s our highest polishing surface finishes, what machines do you have, what’s the tooling life we can guarantee, what’s the frequent used tooling steel and etc. All we have truly and sincerely questions for our customers.


After about a 2-hour meeting, we show our customer the workshop. In the tooling shop, we physically introduce how we help rapid tooling and quick-turn injection molding. We explained what is MUD mold base, what’s commonly used mold base, what’s manual inserts, why we use manual inserts, what is aluminum prototype mold, what prototype mold’s advantages and disadvantages, what automatic de-mold structure for internal screws, how we run small run injection molding production, and we control the quality and much much more. We also introduce the usage of different machines, and also the short-term planning for our workshop. We also have some fun chat with our customer after showing around our workshop.


Time flies. It’s time for our customer to return at around 4: PM.

We have much more job after the visiting, including some further document preparation, the technical discussion of the current on-going job. They should come again in the coming days for on-going projects. Look forward to meeting the guys again.

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