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A short Break at Injection Molding Manufacturer Danke Mold for Tomb-Sweeping Day

On April 5, it’s Tomb-Sweeping Day in China. Danke Mold, an injection molding manufacturer in Southern China, will have a 2-day break for the public holiday. We will be back again on April 7, for pick up our plastic injection molding and rapid prototyping jobs again.


Tomb-Sweeping day is a traditional day in China. It can be traced back more than 2500 years ago. Tomb-Sweeping day is not only for ancestors memory, and also a big family union. The Uncles and Aunt will join together to memory the ancestor together, have dinner together and some chats. Besides, it’s also for an outdoor activity for the family to hike mountains and enjoys nature.


For the honor of Tomb-Sweeping Day, Danke Mold will have a 2-day break from April 5-6. Some of our tooling master, injection molding master, project managers, tooling designers will leave in the evening on April 4 to get back to their hometown. While some of the colleagues, who lived near Zhongshan, will leave in the early morning of April 5. April 5 is the exact day for Tomb-Sweeping. Big families will go together, do some jobs together, chat some anecdotes, prepare dinner or out for dinner together.


Anyway, some of our colleagues lived in the North, or West of China, while Danke Mold is an injection molding manufacturer in southern China. It will take about 1 day or even more if for them to get back to their hometown. Our colleagues of these probably will stay in Zhongshan, to enjoy a 2-day holiday around the weekend. Some of them may like to have a moutain hiking as well.


Danke Mold will be back again on April 7 after the break. We will keep providing high-quality injection molding services, quick-turn injection molding parts, agile and medium-low volume production, rapid prototype, with friendly service and professional manufacturing guide.


Should you have any jobs of plastic injection molding, quick-turn injection, rapid prototyping, or any questions of injection molding part designs, low volume injection molding, or rapid prototyping, email via info@dankemold.com. We will response in 12 hours. Our services and quality will beyond your expectations.

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