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Welcome to our big family, Bennett Liu! December 3, 2018

As we all know, Danke Mold is a professional and high-quality plastic injection molding manufacturer and

quick-turn manufacturing company in southern China. Our success appeals to many young job hunters. For example, Bennett Liu who joined today is one of them.


Bennett is a tall and strong stripling. At the same time, he is a very polite and considerate person. When you stand beside him, you will not feel pressure or perturbed. A pair of black square glasses always clipped his nose, lending a lovely tint to his angular face. People who have met him say that he is a very sunny and handsome boy, especially one of our interviewers, he is full of praise! We will introduce this new colleague in more details:


First of all, we would like to introduce his educational background----he is a top student majoring in Material Forming and Control Engineering at Guangdong University of Technology and graduated in 2017. An excellent boy, isn’t he? There’s more to come: he was trained as a project engineer for Danke Mold. This is a key position because he has to track every project from start to finish. Our customers’ needs are not singular, sometimes they may need some rapid prototyping productions, but sometimes they may want some low-volume and quick-turn injection molding productions. And we hope that after the training, Bennett can become the project engineer we expect and be competent for this job. Or at least grow into a project engineer who meets the following requirements: Bennett should update the project schedule once a week, arrange new mold trails every day, summarize and report in various forms at the end of each week, and gradually hone his ability to communicate directly with customers on behalf of Danke Mold.


Such an excellent boy, you must also want to know about his life. We will tell you all about it together. In his daily life, Bennett likes to delve into the knowledge and hands-on operation of product molding. In his spare time, he always likes to exercise in the Huatuo Mountain Park, near Danke Mold, and take videos or photos with his mobile phone when he comes across something interesting. Of course, he will continue to improve himself for Danke Mold, such as learning English and injection molding knowledge. Stay tuned for more information with us!



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