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Hello Tabby Tan, welcome to Danke Mold! January 8, 2019

Danke Mold is so excellent that more and more job hunters choose to join us. This week we have a new colleague, a college student about to graduate named Tabby.


She told us why she chose Danke Mold at that time: “I am a student of Zhuhai College of Jilin University, and I major in International Economics and Trades. When I first met Danke Mold, I was deeply attracted by the professionalism and challenge of Danke Mold.” Yes, Danke Mold is a professional and high-quality plastic injection molding manufacturer, and quick-turn manufacturing company in southern China. We provide plastic injection molding, rapid tooling, rapid prototyping from concept prototype to volume production.


“You know what, my major is very similar to the job requirements of Danke Mold, and I have never been exposed to any knowledge related to the company’s business operations, such as quick-turn injection molding. I think this is a great learning opportunity,” she said. Customers we’ve worked with know that, our professional project managers, with strong engineering backgrounds and rich project management experiences, served western customers for 10 years. We deeply understand customers’ needs, provide professional DFM analysis and customer-oriented manufacturing solutions, for the best approach of custom parts manufacturing. No wonder Tabby wants to learn something new here!


Tabby has a long way to go before she can keep up with her seniors, adjust to the job and meet her boss’s expectations. She needs to learn a lot of knowledge related to injection molding or rapid tooling in her spared time and embody the results of her study at work. Of course, Tabby also knows the value of combining work and leisure, and will relieve the pressure by doing some small crafts or reading novels.


And we hope that after the training, Tabby can become the project manager we expect and be competent for this job. Or at least grow into a project manager who meets the following requirements: Tabby should communicate with client directly, arrange the job once the project is confirmed, prepare the prototype BOM to the engineer and whole-process tracking project. We hope Tabby can grow with Danke Mold!

Stay tuned for more information with us!



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