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Rapid Prototype_Vacuum Casting_Case Study 4

This is cover part of reactive light for bike

Material:Acrylic (PMMA) .

Manufacturing method: Silicone mold vacuum casting

Quantity:  4 pieces.

This is a project that making a cover part of reactive light for bicycle.  See the picture (a), the part size is about 59×33 ×10mm. According to customer’s requirement, this part needs to be transparent,and the order quantity is 7 pieces.

picture (a)

Therefore, this is a rapid prototyping project. To make this kind of part, normally the first idea come to our mind is CNC machining, however it is not the optimal solution for this case. That’s because there are many “hexagonal ridge” on the bottom surface. See the picture(b), CNC machining is not able to achieve the sharp corners, and it is a huge work to polish these details to transparent, even that the result is not very good.

             picture (b)

After our discussion, Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting should be the optimal solution. First of all, made a prototyping by precise 3D printing, it is much more cost-effective than CNC machining, and the ridge detail was created correctly without any polishing.

Than we used this prototype to build silicone mold, and produced the parts by vacuum casting (Please check https://www.dankemold.com/vacuum-casting to get more information about vacuum casting process).

The part came out not very transparent, so we needed to spray some “glossy oil” on the surface, to make it as transparent as possible. So that we finished this job in short time, and the quality meet customer’s requirement.

In summary, there are many advantages of using vacuum casting to do this job, such as:

1) Create the ridge pattern precisely and fast.

2) Save much time that polish the part to be very smooth

3) The cost is much lower than CNC machining

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