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  • Injection Molding Design Box at Early Stage – March 5,2019

    Danke Mold is designing an injection molding design box.Product designer or mechanical engineers may be confronted with many injection molding manufacturing concerns when designing parts. The box can be a very good reference for injection molding design for manufacturing. It covers most of the injection molding concerns, and also the suggestions or solutions.We just finished at the early stage of 3D model creating and going to 3D print it for model verification. Some upfront information that, th

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  • Danke Mold took part in Asiamold 2019

    Annual Asiamold exhibition mold started from March 9-12 at Pazhou Exhibition center. Danke Mold, a plastic injection molding manufacturer around Guangzhou, took part in the exhibition on March 9, to learn the trends and the new technologies of tooling and injection molding industry.We arranged 12 people left from Zhongshan at eight o’clock, including one of our tooling designers, tooling master head, injection molding master head, project managers, project engineer, and CNC progra

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  • Product Development Process —View of an Injection Molding Manufacturer

    Danke Mold helps plastic injection molding and prototype making. We helped many customers from concept prototype to volume injection molding production. A clear product development process can help our customers have a better idea of the product developing management, cost estimation, and manufacturing expectation.Danke Mold is just a plastic injection molding manufacturer and prototyping maker. We’re not providing the full process. Below is per our experience of working with cu

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  • Customers Visit an Injection Molding Manufacturer

    Today Danke Mold have customer visiting from Indonesia.Our customer is the biggest company for electronic home appliance products in Indonesia. They designer lots for products need plastic injection molding services. Danke Mold is good at quick-turn injection molding. We help our customer accelerate their product development with much less investment at an early stage.The visiting last from 11:00 am to about 4: pm.Jade and Joe are responsible for the visit. After a short lunch and so

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  • Congrats Jade! For your 10 years working anniversary in Zhongshan

    Time flies! Congrats Jade! For your 10-years working anniversary!On April 1, it’s been 10 years after Jade graduated from Guangdong University of Technology. In these 10 years, Jade has been grown up from an undergraduate, to be a senior tooling injection molding engineering, senior project manager, engineering department manager, and also a wife, a mother of a boy.Jade is a talented, dedicated and very focused person. She studied in both Material Forming and Business Management

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  • A short Break at Injection Molding Manufacturer Danke Mold for Tomb-Sweeping Day

    On April 5, it’s Tomb-Sweeping Day in China. Danke Mold, an injection molding manufacturer in Southern China, will have a 2-day break for the public holiday. We will be back again on April 7, for pick up our plastic injection molding and rapid prototyping jobs again.Tomb-Sweeping day is a traditional day in China. It can be traced back more than 2500 years ago. Tomb-Sweeping day is not only for ancestors memory, and also a big family union. The Uncles and Aunt will join together to

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  • Busy customer Visiting Week at Danke Mold

    It’s a very busy, customer-visiting week at Danke Mold, an injection molding manufacturer in Southern China. We had 2 customers visiting from Wednesday until Friday. They are both from the UK. On Apil 10-11, a very important customer from the UK visited Danke Mold. They are professional aerospace lighting solutions company and help the famous aerospace companies all over the world. Danke Mold starts working with them from 2016. So far we had done 3 projects for them. The customers came to audit

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  • Key process of injection mold making-Surface polishing

    Injection Mold polishing is primarily a manual process requiring a high level of skill and knowledge. Mold polishing is perhaps the only operation that is not able to be automated, when all the CNC machining, EDM machining, surface grinding, and wire cutting are completed, the mold polisher is the one who puts the final appearance on the molding surface.Before the polishing process, we have to know that there are some factors that affect the polishability.1) Tool steel quality. Differe

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  • Danke Mold took part in CHINAPLAS 2019

    CHIAPLAS 2019, the 33rd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, started on May 21st at China Import and Export Complex, Guangzhou. Danke Mold, a professional and high-quality plastic injection molding quick-turn manufacturing company arrived in the exhibition hall that very day. We were here to learn the latest technology of Plastics and Rubber Industries and to find some suitable partners. It was nearly 11:00 am when we arrived at the exhibition from Zhongshan.

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  • Welcome to our big family, Bennett Liu! December 3, 2018

    As we all know, Danke Mold is a professional and high-quality plastic injection molding manufacturer andquick-turn manufacturing company in southern China. Our success appeals to many young job hunters. For example, Bennett Liu who joined today is one of them.Bennett is a tall and strong stripling. At the same time, he is a very polite and considerate person. When you stand beside him, you will not feel pressure or perturbed. A pair of black square glasses always clipped his nose,

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