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Public Holiday Break for Dragon Boat Festival


Danke Mold is a plastic injection molding manufacturer and rapid prototyping maker in South China. We will have a break for the national public holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival from June 7th-9th.


Dragon Boat Festival is for the memory of our ancestor Qu Yuan, who died for his country the Chu by jumping into a river. As he was a very famous and kind person, there were many activities to memorize him. 2 famous hobbies left today are:


Eat Zhongzi.

● Dragon Boat Racing.


Zhongzi. It is a traditional Chinese rid-pudding. There is a story about this food. It’s said that after Qu Yuan jumped to the river, in order to avoid his body being eaten by fishes, the local citizen prepared a lot of food and threw them into the river. This hobby left, and today when for Dragon Boat Festival, many families will prepare Zongzi still and throw some of them into the river.


Dragon Boat Racing, it’s a sports activity today now. But on Lunar May 5th, it’s the tradition that people riding a boat with a drum beating. It was said that, after hearing the news of Qu Yuan jumped to the river, the local citizen rushed to ride a boat to the river center, and try to save him. There were too many boats, which looked like boat racing. As history moves forward, it became an activity of respects Qu Yuan.


At Danke Mold, most of our staffs follow the traditional activities. Our tooling master, injection molding technician, tooling and injection molding engineers, all of their family will prepare Zhongzi. And some of them will kindly bring them back share with other colleagues.


On Lunar May 5th (June 6th, 2019), it’s the right day for Dragon Boat Festival. Many towns will raise Dragon Boat racing. For the traditional boat, it will be a boat for 50-60 people to ride together. It’s a joyful event for the kids and adults.


Thank you so much for the effort in the first half year of 2019. We wish all of our staffs will have a relax and interesting Dragon Festival.


Danke Mold, your reliable plastic injection molding manufacturer and rapid prototyping maker, will be back again on June 10th, keep providing professional and fast-response plastic injection molding services, and rapid prototypes.


Quality First, Speed Matters.