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Plastic Injection Molding

Danke Mold provides high-quality Plastic Injection Molding for low-high volume production. We help production tooling and high volume injection molding up to 300,000+ parts; bridge tooling and medium volume injection molding of 5,000-50,000+ parts; rapid tooling and low-volume injection molding of 50-5000+ parts for prototyping or small batch production.


We provide professional DFM analysis, customer-oriented and friendly service, high-quality parts, and instant response for our customers. Our reliable tooling & injection molding services help customers saving time and cost.

Molding Materials
  2. PC; PC+10%GF; PMMA(Acrylic); PP; PP+10% glass fiber;PP+20% Talc; POM (Acetal, Derlin); Nylon 6; Nylon 66; Nylon 66+20% glass fiber; Nylon 66+30% glass fiber; TPE (with different hardness);
  3. TPU (with different hardness); HDPE; LDPE; PPSU; PVC; PBT; PEI;
Molding Finishes

Danke Mold provides a series of injection molding surface finishes by exsiting standards or a physical sample.

We follow SPI polishing standard for smooth and glossy surfaces, follow VDI 3400 series for sparking texture surface, and follow Mold-Tech equivalent for textured surfaces.

Molding Colors
  1. Molding color is very important for product development. Natural molding color can help optical cosmetic and saving cost.

    At Danke Mold, we follow a Pantone color, a RAL color, or a physical sample for custom molding color requirements.

Mold Making

Injection mold making includes a series of complicated manufacturing processes. Danke Mold provides professional and high-quality services from mold making to injection mold trial and shipment.

We provide professional and speedy DFM analysis before mold making start, weekly tooling progress update for our customers, and strict inspection and solid packaging before shipment.

  1. Before Mold Making

For all projects, Danke Mold conducts professional, speedy and thorough DFM analysis for injection mold making and injection molding production.

  1. Injection Mold Making

Injection mold making includes a series of the complicated manufacturing process. Our skill tool technicians will focus on the details at every process, every tooling.

Mold Trial & Molding Production

All of the injection molding parts will be under strict quality control from production to shipment. Solid packaging is a must at Danke Mold.

Why Danke Mold for My Injection Molding job?

  1. 1) Free design for manufacturing analysis(DFM) at quotation stage;
  2. 2) Very swift response, cost estimation and manufacturing analysis for quick turn projects.
  3. 3) Agile manufacturing, for different time line and budget.
  4. 4) We provide rapid prototype, rapid tooling & production by injection molding.
  5. 5) We’re able and willing to help jobs from 3D model design.
  • Over molding;
  • Insert Molding;
  • Post pad printing or silkscreen printing.

Special Process Available

  • Rapid prototype making;
  • Rapid tooling & Low-volume production;
  • Bridge tooling for functional testing or market testing.
  • Production tool & High-volume injection molding.

Our Injection Moldings’ Application

  • Have to invest injection molding tools;
  • The part designs have to be careful, other will easily cause molding issues.
  • The tool building lead time would be long, especially for production tools.

 The Limitations 

Plastic Injection Molding Process & Some Injection Mold Trials


Injection mold trials


Plastic Injection Mold Trial – Automotive components


Plastic Injection Molding Trials – for automotive components