Mold Trial & Molding Production

All of the injection molding parts will be under strict quality control from production to shipment. Solid packaging is a must at Danke Mold.

Why Danke Mold for My Injection Molding job?

  1. 1) Free design for manufacturing analysis(DFM) at quotation stage;
  2. 2) Very swift response, cost estimation and manufacturing analysis for quick turn projects.
  3. 3) Agile manufacturing, for different time line and budget.
  4. 4) We provide rapid prototype, rapid tooling & production by injection molding.
  5. 5) We’re able and willing to help jobs from 3D model design.
  • Over molding;
  • Insert Molding;
  • Post pad printing or silkscreen printing.

Special Process Available

  • Rapid prototype making;
  • Rapid tooling & Low-volume production;
  • Bridge tooling for functional testing or market testing.
  • Production tool & High-volume injection molding.

Our Injection Moldings’ Application

  • Have to invest injection molding tools;
  • The part designs have to be careful, other will easily cause molding issues.
  • The tool building lead time would be long, especially for production tools.

 The Limitations 

Plastic Injection Molding Process & Some Injection Mold Trials


Injection mold trials


Plastic Injection Mold Trial – Automotive components


Plastic Injection Molding Trials – for automotive components

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