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1.Q: Why we need to make a prototype?

A: A prototype will ensure appearance, layout of design, fit and tolerance and will also allow for further detailed study of the design before production tooling is considered.

2.Q: How many types of technologies can Danke Mold do to make prototypes?

A: Manufacturing: SLA, 3D printing, CNC machining, Vacuum casting, Sheet metal. Surface treatment: Painting, Polishing, Sand blasting, Anodizing, Plating, Vapor polishing, Brushing.

3.Q: What material are available for making prototypes?

A: Plastic:ABS, PP, PMMA(Acrylic), PC, POM, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS+PC, Nylon, Nylon+Glass Fiber, PTFE, Peek, Ultem1000, Rubber, etc. Metal:  AL6061, AL7075, AL6082, AL2014, 1045 Steel, SS303, SS304, 17-4PH Steel, Brass, Copper, SS440C, Titanium, SS4140, etc.
Please contact us via info@dankemold.com to get more information.

4.Q: Is there any attention when selecting material for prototyping?

A: 1) SLA material is similar to ABS, but weaker, and easy to absorb vapor from air, so SLA model is not very suitable for functional testing, especially those testing with external force.
2) POM(With /without Glass Fiber),Nylon(With /without Glass Fiber) are not advised to be polished or painted, because the surface is rigid and the paint is not sticky to them very well. Therefore, machined finish is recommended. Same to the high temperature resistance material.
3) The anodizing quality for AL7075 part is not steady, sometimes good and sometimes very bad, unless high strength request, AL 6061 is recommended for aluminium parts that need to be anodized well.

5.Q: How many types of surface finish Danke Mold can do for prototypes?

A: As machined, Sanding smooth, High polishing, Sand blasting (Bead blasting), Brushed, Painting, Anodizing, Plating, Satin, Textured, Vapor polishing, etc.

6.Q: How to make rubber (TPE-like) part with prototyping technology?

A: At this stage, we can make rubber (TPE-like) part by silicone mold vacuum casting process. The hardness ranges from Shore A35 to Shore A90. We can also make silicone prototypes with hard plastic mold, but the hardness is only Shore A42, and can’t be changed, color can’t be added neither.

7.Q: What does “vacuum casting” mean?

A:Vacuum casting is process that create a silicone mold based on a prototype which is usually made by 3D printing or CNC machining, then cast the mold with liquid polyurethane material under vacuum condition to duplicate plastic parts that same to the prototype. Copies made in this way show great surface detail and fidelity to the original prototype.
Please contact us via info@dankemold.com to get more information.

8.Q: What’s the maximum size can you achieve for vacuum casting parts?

A: Generally 1000×700×500mm, it depends on the structure of parts, and it can’t be too heavy.

9.Q: What tolerance can you achieve for vacuum casting parts?

A: The VC process is inherently not very accurate.  We typically work on a +/- 0.15% shrinkage rate. Assuming that the master model is a perfect 200mm you would have a cast tolerance of +/- 0.3mm.  We can get more accurate, but cannot guarantee it.

10.Q: How is the procedure in Danke Mold to make prototypes?

A: 1) We will analyze your CAD data / drawing files and requirement, and figure out an optimal proposal.
2) Provide you a quote based on your requirement and the proposal we recommend.
3) Once getting your confirmation of order, we will issue and send you an invoice for to make payment (If you are our regular customer, we will proceed the job first, payment can be made before shipment or even 30 days later)
4) Arrange production and follow up the process.
5) Inspect the parts when finished, pack them and ship out.

11.Q: How quickly can I get my parts after providing drawing files?

A: It depends on part’s quantity and requirement in detail, but Generally,
For SLA (3D printing) parts, 2-3 working days
For CNC machining projects, 3-10 or more working days, Depends on complexity of parts.
For Vacuum casting parts, 5-10 or more working days.
For Sheet metal parts, 3-10 or more working days.

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