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1.Q: What are Danke’ injection molding capabilities?

A: We provide plastic injection molding from 25 to 100,000+ pieces, for prototyping, low-volume production and on-demand manufacturing.

2.Q: Is over-molding and insert-molding available?

A: Yes, both over-molding and insert-molding are available in Danke Mold. We worked a lot of over-molding jobs of soft-component over-molded with hard-component. And also many cases with brass thread inserts over-molded, or other metal inserts over-molded.

3.Q: What is a rough cost of injection-molded parts with Danke Mold?

A: It would depend on part geometry and complexity, and quantity needs. If for a simply cost reference, you can easily contact Danke Mold via info@dankemold.com. We will response and get back a free quotation within 24 hours. We also will have a brief manufacturing analysis if with manufacturing issues.

4.Q: What resins can I use for injection molding?

A: Danke Mold is creating a general material base of plastic injection molding for general usage. If our customers with specified requirement, we also can help to check with our long-term material suppliers.

5.Q: Why I use plastic injection molding during prototyping stage?

A: Injection molded part will have the same material property as volume production. It will be suitable for tooling and injection molding manufacturing ability analysis, and also functional testing.

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