How long will it take if I want rapid prototyping 3d printing sample?
The time may vary depending on the actual situation. Give us your requirements on the rapid prototyping 3d printing sample first as detailedly as possible. If the sample you want is in stock now, we will deliver it in sequence and promise that you will receive it within several days. However, if you have special requirements such as size adjustment and color change, it means that we need to manufacture a new sample. It will take a longer time because we may need to perform the procedures of raw materials purchase, raw materials processing, designing, manufacturing, and quality checking. Please contact us first for further information.

As the main provider of test, Danke is trusted by clients. plastic injection molding products produced by Danke Mold Limited is very popular in the market. The product can retain its shape. It is constructed from wood materials which will expand in humid environments and contract in dry ones. The product performs stably and is not easy to breakdown. The use of this product helps reduce operating costs. With its advanced operation system, it helps reduce labor costs and energy consumption. Its accuracy is strictly controlled to achieve zero error.

Our company strives to minimize the adverse environmental impact of our business operations. We work to manage the use of utilities responsibly, reduce the waste we generate, and motivate our employees to find innovative solutions to environmental problems.
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