How long is delivery time of 3d printing prototype ?
This depends on whether Danke Mold Limited has sufficient 3d printing prototype inventory and whether there is custom service in need. The production is scheduled and each order is processed in sequence. We are always ready to run the production line to the maximum capacity. If custom service is needed, the delivery time may be longer. Communication in early period is necessary.

Danke Mold has a wealth of manufacturing experience christmas silicone molds. test produced by Danke Mold is very popular in the market. The product is stronger than the traditional one. The raw materials used in it, that are multiaxial fibers, are far more strong than those chopped strand mat and roving. It can match perfectly the high precision and complex components. The product ensures a high and large production rate. By using this product, more goods are produced in larger quantity and better quality. The product features a longer service life.

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