How did Danke Mold design rapid prototyping?
Professional designers of Danke Mold Limited take charge of this which covers drafting, creative exchange, drawing, sample manufacturing and testing. A large amount of money is invested each year into the rapid prototyping design. It can be customized by us according to your requirements. Discussion and exchange of ideas are key during this period.
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Danke Mold has become a domestically competitive company. We offer professional services in developing, designing, and producing rapid prototyping. Danke Mold's test is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Danke desk bins is produced under standardized and scientific lighting standards. For example, the selection process of the light source highly meet the international lighting standards. The product is known for its chemical- and insulation-resistance. The product features easy-to-change hardware locations. For example, scanners and wireless printers can be placed in the most optimal positions. It can be used for applications in the high-heat environment.

Meanwhile, outstanding corporate culture has made Danke to be with excellent service and better cohesion. Please contact.

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