How can I track my plastic injection molding ?
As technology advances rapidly, customers can track the logistics of plastic injection molding through online tools or different channels. After delivering the cargo, Danke Mold Limited will provide you with the logistics bill and number which allow you to track cargo anywhere en route and know the logistics updates online at any time. Or our after-sales service employees will keep close contact with the freight forwarder to monitor the condition of the cargo during transport, including when the packages depart and arrive in the locations.

Danke Mold has been dedicated to manufacturing superior plastic injection molding products. test produced by Danke Mold is very popular in the market. Danke christmas silicone molds is manufactured by using the highest quality fabrics that are maximally resistant to sun, water, and mechanical damage. The product has extreme resistance to abrasion. The product is not prone to discoloration. It will be not easily affected by chemical stains, tainted water, fungi, and mold. Its accuracy is ensured by automated processing methods.

Looking to the future, our company will continue to strive for superior performance of both product and service through innovation, uniqueness, and excellence.
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