How are materials used by Danke Mold for producing 3d printing rapid prototyping services ?
At Danke Mold Limited, the materials for producing 3d printing rapid prototyping all have passed strict tests, some of which have been passed the international quality standards for their guaranteed quality. We maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with our raw materials supplier, ensuring that we can get the most cost-effective and reliable raw materials. Furthermore, the mixed raw materials will go through multiple tests to ensure the best performance of the products since we know the performance of raw materials largely determines both chemical and physical property of finished products.

Danke Mold is professional in manufacturing and designing test. christmas silicone molds produced by Danke Mold is very popular in the market. The surface of the product is flat and smooth. It is homogeneous regarding smoothness distribution due to RTM process technology. The product has the characteristic of excellent thermal stability. Its benefits are obvious. Manufacturers will see it is highly efficient in reducing labor costs as well as energy expenditure. The product has a stable dimension in mass production.

We stick to sustainable development. We keep eco-friendly manufacturing, reduce waste through reuse and building quality products that last and thereby promoting sustainability.
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