Does Danke Mold provide EXW for vacuum casting ?
EXW is absolutely available for vacuum casting in our company. In this case, Danke Mold Limited, as a professional manufacturer and seller, is only required to safely package the goods, label them appropriately, and deliver them out of our factory, which is previously agreed upon by both parties. In a nutshell, EXW is a purchasing arrangement in which the buyer receives the purchased goods at the seller's warehouse. However, it is not recommended by our company. Because once the buyer has the goods, he will be responsible for all the risks that are associated with these goods after we deliver the products.

Danke Mold is an experienced producer of fdgdfgdf. test produced by Danke Mold is very popular in the market. All of the materials of Danke vacuum casting are approved and tested to make sure that they meet all safety regulations in the tent industry. The product is rustproof and corrosion resistant. This product is characterized by scratch resistance. Because of the hard surface layer, the sharp objects will not leave scratches on the surface. The product is easy to use and maintain.

Our company aims to be a long term, reliable supplier with a wide product range and solid product quality. We will put more effort into improving our manufacturing abilities.
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