Desk Garbage Can
Desk Garbage Can
White, Black, Grey, or other specified color
Light Texture
100 offs
Packaging Details
In carton box
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Ex-works, FOB, DDP, CIF
Dilivery Time
Depends on shipment terms
Payment upon shipment
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Product Parameters

Dimensions143×151×175mm, 5.6×5.9×6.9inch
ApplicationBin at Desktop
Made inZhongshan City, China
Alternative NameDesk Bin, Desk Garbage Can, Desk Trash Bin, Small Trash Bin, Small Trash Can

Product Description

  • ▣  As engineers at Danke Mold, we have many scrap samples, wasted drawing during our daily routine. But as rushing schedule between office and workshop everyday, our engineers desktop usually are in chaos.

  • ▣  We bought some desk garbage bins for our engineers. But the products we received are always far away from what they look like at internet: thin wall then soft, with flashes, covers movement unsmooth and etc.

  • ▣  Danke Mold developed a small desk garbage for our office staffs, with good material and enough wall thickness, simple structure, modern apperance

  • ▣  We used ABS rather than PP as part material, also minimum wall thickness as 2mm to gurantee the part strenghth. Connect surface between cover and main body is  glossy for easier open and close.

  • ▣  While tight-fit to gurantee the cover and body closing together. Other surfaces with light texture, for a general steady apperance. Self-gravity to help the flip close automatically and simplely.

  • ▣  For a smoother rotation, rotaional axis and hole were by integral forming, while most product in market by section-forming to help saving cost. Lips with gap for better taking off the Cover.

  • ▣  Simple bottom without deep gallery for avoiding small garbage hiding in the groove. There are much more consideraion during the prduct development.

  • ▣  On-demand manufacturing is available. No matter small volume of tens offs, medium volume of hundreads offs, or thoundsands offs, multi colors or custom colors, all will be okay at Danke Mold.

  • ▣  Danke Mold provides OEM manufacturing. We're able to sign NDA in advance for protecting our customers ideas, rights and patents.

  • ▣  If custom garbage bins needed, we're able to build new mold and run molding production.

Product Features

Better Material Choice and Thickness Design

※  Adopting ABS rather than PP, for better strenghth and surface effect.

※  Nominal wall thickness more than 2mm, also for gurantee the part strength.

※  The material cost is about 3x ~4x of the similar in the market.

Smooth Moving Flips, and Steady staying Position

※  Simple design, with self-gravity for rotation

※  Flips with more than tens of times of adjusting for ajusting a better rotion position

※  Rotation pillar more than 3.5mm, also formed by integral molding (no center line), for more smooth surface.

※  Rotation hole formed by integral molding, for more smooth surfaces.

Simplified Design at Assembly and Taken off

※  Tens of Ajustment for a suitable tight-fit, for assembly of Cover and Main Body (no clips)

※  High Glossy at the Sealing Suface, for a smooth surface to take off cover

※  With a gap beteween the Cover and Main Body, so that for better holding the cover.

Curving Top for Cosmetic and Saving Space

※  Top with curving Design for simple cosmetic.

※  Flips with cuving surface, to save the space for storage.

※  In parallel curving edge with Top, for a simple cosmtic, also good for taking off


Desktop at Office

※  No matter you were an engineer, literature worker and scientist in a lab

※  A clean desk always can help you think freedomly, high efficenly and in passion

※  A small and simplified bin can help you at this.

Desktop at Meeting Room

※  A clean meeting room is very importan and helpful. Sometime ideas fly during a meeting.

※  For having a clean meeting room desk, to throw some small waste papers, or small garbages.

Desktop at Living Room

※  Having a tidy living room, we will have more fun and health with our family.

※  After having a small trash can, candy cloth, fruit waste and any small waste throw conveniently in Living room.

※  It can help childern and family member form good habits.

Desktop at Studyroom

※  No matter you're a student, or self-driving people, high efficency study always be helpful.

※  A small garbage can can help you throwing waste paper, or bad ideas, conveniently and silently, without affecting your focus.

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