CNC Machining

Danke Mold provides CNC machining for rapid prototype making and on-demand manufacturing, with speed, accuracy and competitive cost.

Both CNC milling and CNC turning are available in Danke Mold.For metal machined parts, we also help EDM sparking, wire EDM sparking and laser engraving if parts need them.

  • Polished smooth;
  • High polished;
  • Sandblasted;
  • Pad printed and Silk Printed;
  • Anodized;
  • Painted;
  • Powder Coated; 


Typical Surface finishes

  • Can be with very high Accuracy;
  • Very fast turn-around for small volume;
  • Low cost at low volume production, without investing tooling cos;


The Advantages

  • High accuracy parts;
  • Aluminum parts with very good anodizing surface finish;
  • Product development at prototype stage;
  • Exhibition samples;
  • Market testing samples;
  • Master model for vacuum casting;
  • Low-volume production;


  • Machining Material not as many as injection molding.
  • Material properties may different with volume production. 
  • The unit prices would be pretty high, and no efficiency for high volume production. 
  • With cuting limitations. Some area would have to be sectioned, then glued/welded. 

The Limitations