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Surface finishes Available:

Light Texture, Rough texture; SPI A-3 (Glossy), SPI B-1(Smooth); As machined;


Small-scale manufacturing;

Volume rapid prototypes;

Quick-turn low volume production;

Rapid Prototype (Vacuum casting, 3D printing, CNC machining) alternative;

Real production material testing;

Urgent production;

The Advantages:

Super fast lead time;

Low general cost for low-volume production;

Real production material;

Reliable Quality;

Fast response;

Flexible production arrangement;

The Limitations:

Only for simple parts;

Limited surface finish choices;

Low-cost and

Rough surface finishes;

Not suitable for high tolerance part;

Not suitable for functional testing.

Materials properties different with plastic injection molding.

Material Options:

Quick-Turn Injection Molding

This manufacturing services for SIMPLE plastic injection molding parts only.

Danke Mold provides quick-turn injection molding for small scale manufacturing with reliable quality, and standard lead time.

Our services standard

Response Time : Within 12 hours

Typical production Time : 7-15 days

Mini Order Quantity : 30 piece

Suitable needs : 50-3000 pieces

Tooling Insert Materials : Plastic; Aluminum; Soft steel 50#;

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