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I have finished assembling the CNC parts that you and your team made for me. They are excellent. The quality and tolerances were very good and I didnt find any mistakes.Thanks for your good work.

-Darius, Product Designer

General information of this project:

Quantity: 18 items 5 sets.

Material: Aluminium & Stainless steel.

Surface finish: Clear anodized, machined finish.

CNC Milling

Offer both 3 and 5-axis machining capabilities

Geometrically complex parts available

Parts are typically produced as accurate as 0.02mm

CNC Turning

Can accurately make complex internal features like spherical cavities, deep grooves, blind internal threads without undercut etc.

Better dimensional control and surface finish

Very less machining time per component( valid for only large batch size)

Why CNC machining  at Danke Mold

A range of finishing services to choose

As machined, painting, polishing, brushing, anodizing, sand-blasting, etc.

Prototyping to production available

No MOQ,  1-500+ pieces 1-500+


As fast as 3 days

for simple parts.

Highly accurate

Parts are typically produced as accurate as 0.02mm. Or even 0.01mm for turning parts

See our CNC machined parts

Wide range of Frequently used engineering-grade material available!

We stock more than 28 engineering-grade plastic and metal materials that are suitable for various part applications and industries.

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