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Rapid Tooling Service

To help you with speeding up your product development or launching your products fast,   Danke Mold provides quick-turn and economical tooling service with flexible and reliable tooling design option and effective manufacturing process in very short lead-time.

Compare to conventional tooling solution, rapid tooling (or named Bridge Tooling) is relative low cost, fast and reliable. Thus, its more suitable for prototype making,  product development and market test.  If you are ready to open a new mold and do low volume injection molding, please upload your drawing files to get a  free rapid tooling quote today.

How do we do rapid tooling?

Characteristics of Rapid Tooling

1,  Using low but enough strength tool steel,  to reduce material cost.  

2, Share mold base, only need to design the tooling inserts to fit our existing shared mold base.

3, Agile mold design, using manual insert as possible, to simplify the manufacturing process.

4, The manufacturing time will be very short, the first samples come out quickly.

5, Parts quality and tolerance are closed to the one that made by production mold.

6. Tool life totally fulfills mild/low volume injection molding.

Typical issues for rapid tooling in detail

Suitable needs:     50 pcs C 5000+ pcs

Tool material:   P20,  NAK80,  #45 Steel, Plastic

Surface finished:    smooth, light texture, glossy

Typical mold structures:  Manual insert, 2 plates mold

Typical Gates: Sprue gate, Edge Gate, Tab Gate, Pin Point Gate.

Frequently-used material  for

quick-turn molding


PMMA(Acrylic)    POM(Acetal)    

Nylon 6     Nylon66     Nylon66+GF    

PP+GF          TPE           TPU

Over-molding & Insert Molding

Overmolding is the process of adding an additional layer of material over an already existing piece or part.

Overmolding can be added to change the surface of a piece or product part by adding texture, color, and incorporating necessary functionality components for the specific consumer. If you can draw it, we can make it.

Overmolding physically alters the surface of a part or piece so it can be made smooth or rough depending on the material used for the overmold. It can also be spongy for handling comfort or very strong for enhancing product durability, also varying with the material used for the overmold.

Insert molding is the process of encapsulating a non-plastic insert into single part.  Usually, the molding insert is a simple component such as a Copper nut, or studs, but it can also be a complicated part like a valve.

The benefit of insert molding are:

Improved component reliability.             2.Improved part strength and structure

3.Enhanced design flexibility                    4.Consolidation of components

5.Reduced assembly and labor costs       6.Reduced size and weight

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