Are we informed about vacuum casting prototypes weight and volume after shipment?
Danke Mold Limited provides cargo weight and volume after shipment of vacuum casting once such information is recorded and submitted to the customs. If you do not get it, please contact our Customer Service through phone or email. It's wise both for you and us to understand how shipping fees are calculated and we have relevant calculation formula which should be gained through negotiation. We are able to creatively design your packages to simplify logistics and cut your shipping costs.

For several decades, christmas silicone molds has been created in an efficient and professional manner by Danke Mold. plastic injection molding products produced by Danke Mold is very popular in the market. The raw materials of Danke christmas silicone molds are sourced by our procurement team who works to bring battery minerals and metals to the market from new sources in a more cost-effective, socially responsible and sustainable way. The product can be finished with a variety of different surface treatments. The use of this product will reduce employees' workload. It will lessen the need to perform monotonous manual tasks, allowing workers to focus on more important aspects of their jobs. With strong corrosion resistance, the product can be used for a long time.

We will practice sustainable development from now till the end. During our production, we will try best to reduce carbon footprint such as cutting wastes discharge and fully utilizing resources.
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