SLA, 3D printing, Rapid prototype, Rapid prototype manufacturer, fast turn-around machined parts.

3D Printing/SLA/SLS

3D printing is additive manufacturing process. It’s used at rapid prototype making and low volume production. Danke Mold providaes 3D printing from 1 to 10 offs for plastic prototype making.


Response Time: Within 24 hours

Typical production Time: 2-6 days

Mini Order Quantity: 1 piece

Suitable needs: 1-10 pieces

Payment Terms: T/T, payment before shipment

Material Options:PLA, ABS-Like, Nylon-Like, PMMA-Like,

  • As printed;
  • Polished smooth;
  • Painted;

Surface finishes

  • 3D model verification;
  • Exhibition samples;
  • Low-volume production;
  • Master model for vacuum casting.


  • Very fast turn-around prototype;
  • Agile for complex and unregular parts;
  • Low cost to verify 3D model physically.

The Advantages

  • Limited material choices;
  • Rough surface finishes;
  • Not suitable for high tolerance part;
  • Not suitable for functional testing.

  • Materials’ properties different with plastic injection molding.

The Limitations